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Written By ^KM_PIS^ on Jumat, 27 April 2012 | 19.48

Q. What's JBP's biggest strength?

A. the combination of JSS-Tripler and JBP's JSS.

Q. I have an AlertPay account. How do I sign up?

A. You presumably reached JBP from a referral/sales page. On that page there should be "join" links. You click on one of them and complete the join procedure.

Q. Who is Frederick Mann, referred to on some of the JBP and JSS pages?

A. Frederick Mann is one of the JBP principals and has been earning a full-time online income since 1997.

Q. When the last person on earth joins JBP, who can they possibly have as their downline, and if no downline, how can they make any money? System appears flawed to me, someone has to lose. Am I correct?

A. You're mistaken. There's no "last person on earth." About 350,000 new persons are born every day.

Q. What is so special about JBP that makes it different from other moneymaking programs?

A. The biggest breakthrough is JSS-Tripler. No other program we know of makes it so easy for you to make money.

The second big breakthrough is JBP's JSS -- see "JSS" FAQ and "JBP's JSS Marketing" FAQ. The combination of JSS-Tripler and JSS makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable.

Q. I'm looking for a program where everyone will be able to make money with little or no recruiting and that will last for a while. The reason I ask about the need to recruit is because of the fact that most people will not bring in anyone to their program and as a result will lose money and then quit. How does JBP overcome these challenges?

A. JSS-Tripler enables you to make money without a downline.

Some programs don't last very long for reasons such as matrixes that slow down and grind to a halt, members not getting into profit and quitting the program, loss of growth momentum, and promises of fixed returns that can't be maintained. If you check out JBP thoroughly, you'll find that it's not limited by any such constraints. It's designed to be long-term moneymaker, rather than a "get-rich-quick" program.

Q. How much money can I earn?

A. $100,000 or more! Check out our Blog.

Q. What are the main benefits I get from joining JustBeenPaid!?

A. 1) You earn money when people join JustBeenPaid! with you as their sponsor and they then participate in JSS-Tripler (as well as in the other JSS programs); 2) JBP provides you with practically everything you need to become a successful online moneymaker; 3) You can generate multiple income streams.

Q. What's the JBP product -- what do I get for my money?

A. For some JBP members, the most important product is the advertising they buy through the JSS programs. JBP also provides access to "Upgrade Your Brain," "The Big Success Breakthrough," and "Killer Success Tricks."

JBP itself has four main parts, each with a product:

  1. JBP0 (free) -- Product: Upgrade Your Brain.
  2. JBP1 -- Product: The Big Success Breakthrough.
  3. JBP2 -- Product: Killer Success Tricks #1-#7.
  4. JBP3 -- Product: Killer Success Tricks #8-#?

To the degree that you implement the product information and technologies, you virtually GUARANTEE your success, not only as an online moneymaker, but in life generally.

Q. What is the monthly or should I say the 3-month payment and who do you pay -- JBP or your sponsor?

A. JBP Level 1 costs $15 every 3 months. You pay $15 to JBP Admin. No commissions are paid on level 1. JBP Level 2 costs $57 every 3 months -- 50% commission to your sponsor. JBP Level 3 costs $117 every 3 months -- 50% commission to your sponsor.

Q. What kind of training do you provide?

A. If you would like to receive mentoring on any aspect of JustBeenPaid!, you're welcome to subscribe to the Bigbooster Group forum and ASK QUESTIONS!. You can also subscribe by sending a blank email to bigboostergroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Daily webinars are provided where you can get your questions answered. You can also invite your prospects to these webinars.

We also provide an extensive range of FAQs and Tutorials that caover all aspects of the business.

Q. I'm very disappointed with online business. I've lost a lot; never made a dime. Please be honest; how long will it take me to start making some money?

A. With JSS-Tripler, it takes 24 hours or less to start making money.

This is also a most important and revealing question. It may be appropriate to be "very disappointed with online business," because most "online businesses" are unworkable for most people who try to make money with them. However, you say nothing about your own performance. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your own performance?

Think of a driver intending to go on a journey, driving a car. The driver needs to be able to drive or learn to drive. The car needs to be in good condition. If the driver can't drive, the journey is a non-starter, no matter how good the car.

Q. I forgot the username I used to join JustBeenPaid! with. What do I do now?

A. Check the messages you received when you joined. They have the subjects "JustBeenPaid! Email Verification" and "Thank you for joining JustBeenPaid!" If you no longer have these messages, click on "Can't Access Your Account?"

Q. I lost my password. How do I find out what it is?

A. You can retrieve your password here. Unless you've changed it, you can also get it from the "Thank you for joining JustBeenPaid!" message.

Q. Can I change my JustBeenPaid! username/email address/password?

A. Yes. Log into the Member Area and click on "Update Your Profile" in the menu. There you will be able to change your username, name, password, and email address. (Note that the new email address will need to be verified. Changing your email address to an autoresponder or invalid address may result in cancellation of your JustBeenPaid! account.)

Q. How do I know who my sponsor is?

A. Log into the Member Area and click on "Your Sponsor" in the menu. Only upgraded members have sponsors. If you haven't upgraded yet, you won't see a such a link in the Member Area because you don't have a sponsor yet.

Q. How can I find out who is in my downline?

A. Log into the Member Area and click on "View Your Downline" in the menu. The details of your first level are provided. You may want to communicate with them to assist them to promote JustBeenPaid! more successfully. Only upgraded members have downlines. There are actually two downlines in JustBeenPaid! The other downline is your feeder downline.

Q. Why do you only show the first level of my downline?

A. The JustBeenPaid! management decided that showing more than one level requires too many system resources.

Q. If I have problems with using the JustBeenPaid! website, can I get help from you?

A. Please first try to determine if the problem is actually with our site. We receive many help requests where the problem turns out to be an error on the user's part. If you are new to computers or the Internet, you should first seek assistance from a friend or associate who is more knowledgeable in this area. You can also contact your JustBeenPaid! sponsor. If you are still unable to solve the problem, you can use the Help Request Form to describe the problem to the JustBeenPaid! administrators.

Q. Do you have a forum for JustBeenPaid! where I can ask questions or make suggestions?

A. You can post any questions regarding JustBeenPaid! to the Bigbooster Group forum. You can also subscribe by sending a blank email to: bigboostergroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. (Note also the answer to the previous question.)

Q. How do I delete my account?

A. You may submit a ticket to rquest that your account be deactivated.

Q. Can you tell me about the history of JBP?

A. The original JBP was launched in 2004. It was nor a success and became dormant.

Early 2010, a new JBP was launched. Its big attraction was that members could buy downline members or referrals. However, we had difficulty in providing the referrals ordered. The demand was "insatiable." The new JBP was moderately successful.

Later in 2010, we launched JustBeenPaid JSS as part of JBP. We also launched TDS (the Test Drive System) to enable new members to get a first-hand experience of how JSS works. JSS was moderately successful.

Still in 2010, we launched JSS-Booster as a "feeder" for JSS. JSS-Booster was also moderately successful.

Then, also in 2010, we launched JSS-Warp as a "feeder" for JSS-Booster and JSS. JSS-Warp was also moderately successful.

In February, 2011, we launched JSS-Tripler as a "feeder" for JSS. JSS-Tripler quickly became hugely successful. It's the "tail that wags the JBP dog!"

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